Company Profile

Shanghai Xia Fei Cosmetics Co., ltd established at 1985, located in Pudong district, Shanghai with 25,000 square meters of production buildings and warehouse.  The company has served international customers for over 15 years. The major customers are in North America, Europe and East/Southeast Asia. Also, we do turnkey services for outstanding brands in China. “sofea” is our national brand sold in China for over 33 years.??

Our modern factory is certified by GMP and ISO22716 and our products meet REACH, FDA, Chinese standard and other international standards. Xia Fei has 0.1 million purification workshop (GMP workshop) with 19 production lines. Central A/C and ventilation system are controlled in the whole manufacture space for air quality to meet the standard of temperature, humidity and cleanness. Xia Fei held the production license for color cosmetics (including eye shadow, blush, face powder, mascara ,eye liner, lipstick ,lip gloss ,etc.,),Skin care ,Fragrance, Nail Polish and Personal Care products.  The explosion proof workshop for Fragrance & Nail Polish is also qualified.

With the vision of being the global business partner,Xia Fei provides engineering, design, law and regulation consultant ,sourcing, production, marketing and logistics capabilities to develop insightful and “innovative” solutions—and profitable, long-term relationships. Flexible business model to meet different kind of customer needs. Our R&D team presents full range of product formulas can be chosen by customers. Also, we can make product base on customer own formulas as well as doing the contract filling for customer own bulk.?

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