XIAFEI took part in this year`s China Beauty Expo (CBE) from 20 May to 22 May 2019.
Three(3) days of showcasing SOFEA`s best in Perfume, nail polish, color cosmetics, and skin care products to the Big Crowds at CBE 2019 has come to a close.
China Beauty EXPO offered the exhibitors the opportunity to partner with international buyers/distributors/ customers.
Three days with full schedules including:

  • A record amount of visitors to XIAFEI BOOTH (XIAFEI BOOTH NUMBER: W1D33)
  • A record amount of visitors who are interested in SOFEA brand products and being our Brand retailer/distributor
  • A record amount of visitors who discovered that XIAFEI is also providing for export OEM/ODM/ contract full service manufacturing.
OUR XIAFEI DEVELOPMENT TEAMS AND SOFEA BRAND are always in the right orientation KAIZEN frame of mind (continuous improvement)–to bring to our customers affordable innovation to have a competitive edge.
Thank you to all the visitors due to their great interest towards our SOFEA products, OEM/ODM/TURNKEY services and concepts/innovation.

***If you are sourcing excellent OEM/ODM/ contract full service manufacturing factory,
Please feel free to contact us at sales@xiafeicosmetics.com for more information.

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